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About Our Program

We believe that golf is a life long experience with rewarding benefits that begin with Jr. Golf.  We have created a pathway of success to grow your Jr. golfer's skills and knowledge of the game in a fun and safe environment. As always we are looking to add value, benefits and ease of use to our Jr. Golf Families so we are happy to announce our partnership with the Operation 36 Program.  Each student in our Development Camp and Instructional League will have a digital profile created on the Operation 36 App which is free to use.  This allows parents and students alike to track progression, view their current level in our program, and post accomplishments on social media.  Each rank is defined by certain skills, each skill is taught, practiced and evaluated during the course of our programs.  Our dedicated staff of PGA professionals are excited to guide your Jr. golfer down a pathway that can last a lifetime.  We look forward to welcoming your family to Miracle Hill.

SNAG Level 1 (Ages 5-10)

The meaning of SNAG is Starting New At Golf this program is designed for kids as early as 5 and those who are just picking up a club for the first time.  We provide all of the equipment for this 5 week program, learning is simplified through the use of color, alphabet, and the hands on the clock.  SNAG is a great way to introduce young players to the game in a fun and entertaining environment.  To see our schedule and to register for classes please follow the link below.  

2019 Dates

Thursdays May 30th-June 27th  8am-9am $100/student

Thursdays July 11th-Aug. 8th     8am-9am $100/student

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SNAG Level 2 (Ages 5-10)

Building off the skills learned in Level 1 we continue to use the FUNdementals of Starting New At Golf, along with adding newer drills, games, and activities.  Again we will provide all of the equipment needed for this class.  Those who are able to pass the level 2 checkpoints and are at least 8 years old will qualify for the Development Camp.  This program is designed to work on conjunction with those players who have graduated from SNAG 1.  To see our schedule and to register for classes please follow the link below.

2019 Schedule

Thursdays May 30th-June 27th 930-1030am $100/student

Thursdays July 11th-Aug. 8th    930-1030am $100/student

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Development Camp (Ages 8-13)

This is the next step for those players with limited experience and graduates of our SNAG 2 programs.  Each session will consist of golf swing instruction, activities and introducing golf experiences.  This level does use traditional golf clubs and the regulation ball.  This summer camp has an emphasis on teaching new skills, practicing those skills and evaluating the skill.  For each Jr. Golfer we create a player profile on the Operation 36 App.  The Operation 36 program creates goals for the player to work toward throughout the summer and beyond.  To see our schedule and register for this camp please follow the link below.

2019 Schedule

Tuesdays June 4th to August 6th, No Play July 2nd, Tournament Day- August 6th

Session 1 8am-9:30am      $215/student

Session 2 10am-11:30am  $215/student

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Instructional League (Ages 11-15)

This level is for experienced and advanced players and those players who have passed their Operation 36 Green Rank. Each week students will get 45 minutes of instruction followed by league golf, players will be monitored by our staff to further their on-course education on the rules of golf, pace of play, etiquette and safety.  During the instruction portion we will continue to teach, practice and evaluate skills as players will continue to pass their goals and rank up.  Parents and students alike will be able to track progression on the Operation 36 App.  To sign up for Instructional League please follow the link below.

2019 Schedule

Wednesdays June 5th to July 31st (No Class on July 3rd), August 7th-Tournament Day


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Friday Competitive League- (Ages 13-17)

This League is designed for the advanced junior golfer looking to play in a more competitive format.  This is a great league for future/current high school golfers and those who play in NJGT and US Kids tournaments.  Juniors who also achieve their Operation 36 Purple Rank would also qualify for this league.

2019 Schedule

Fridays May 31st-Aug. 9th, No play July 4th

Tee times start at 8am followed by Lunch   $175/student


For questions regarding any Junior Golf Clinics/Leagues please contact Jared Frost, PGA at

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